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As an actor, comedian, radio and television personality, author, and professional kickboxer with a very challenging childhood, I've encountered significant stress triggers throughout my life. However, I've mastered the art of channeling and transforming this stress into success. In my keynote message, I will guide you on how to leverage stress and life's challenges as a potent tool for achieving your own success.

My journey in life has been a series of intense struggles and hard-fought victories. From the dangerous streets of Seaside, California in the 80's to the comedy stages of Laffapalooza in Atlanta, Georgia, I have faced many formidable obstacles in life. Left with very little familial guidance at a young age, I endured severe abuse, found myself in frequent dangerous situations and lost friends to drug violence in my teens and beyond. Despite it all, I found solace and a positive outlet in humor, discovering constructive ways to turn my pain into hope and a more stable future.

Imagine an eight-year-old me, dropped off in the desert one summer and riding a bike alone, from Yuma, Arizona to San Diego in fourteen days. This incredible and harrowing journey marked the beginnings of a deep grit and determination that has continued to fuel and shape my future choices. Moving to the Monterey Bay area at age nine, I navigated many social and safety obstacles over the next decade, and eventually was voted "class clown" in high school. On to my college years, I auditioned and became "Fly Guy Ricky D." with a popular San Francisco radio station, visiting local youth with Pepsi Company and traveling around the Bay Area in a helicopter. I produced comedy skits, became an on-air personality with the "Breakfast Club" on KMEL, performed at the 2011 NBA All-Star Comedy Show, and was named one of "HBO's Top 10 Up and Coming Comedians."

My story isn’t all laughter. I balanced comedy gigs with pursuing a psychology degree as a first-generation college graduate, working three jobs, and often sleeping in the office at a roller rink. I played college football, ventured into professional kickboxing on Pay Per View, and embraced roles as an actor, entrepreneur, published author, and family man.

My journey has taught me that life will always come with stress, and each person's path is unique and challenging. We must face this stress head-on, and it's what we do in these stressful situations that helps us to manage the effects of stress and our outcomes and next steps. This experience has helped me to develop a stress management program that can help anyone or any company flourish. My journey is a mix of heartbreak, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of dreams: and I look forward to sharing my message widely to help more people manage stress effectively, turning it into a valuable tool for success.

"Fragile Success"

"I'm so glad we hired Ricky. He made me feel like, wow, I have things to do! I'm usually bored when we have speakers, but time flew by with his inspiring stories and great storytelling! He's very animated, magnetic and empowering. I would definitely pay to watch him again!"


Chicago, Illinois

"I loved his story: the way he related everything to life's challenges was amazing. I felt invested in his story the entire time! I definitely want to use his methods on coping with stress for myself. Everyone was talking about him at the dinner afterwards....we couldn't stop laughing about the helicopter story!"


Los Angeles, California


Life and work-related stress affects 83% of Americans, with 25% citing their jobs as the main stressor and 75% noting increased stress compared to the past generation. Indicators like low morale, health complaints, and high turnover in the workplace all highlight this issue, and contribute to one million daily absentees in the US alone. These factors can lead to significant financial losses for companies.

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